Drone Services

Unmanned Ariel Vehicles (UAV)


Aerial Inspection / surveys using a drone means that sites, buildings and ground expanses can now be safely inspected without the need for towers, scaffolding or expensive safety measures. From a small commercial unit to building sites.

Saracens Drones can provide video and photographic details of almost any structure. Where large scale excavation or works is being undertaken – for example quarries and construction sites, drones can provide a visual experience of the works completed and the growth and development of the venture over the course of the project.

Saracens Pilots can work alongside a customer, to perform structure, giving a real time evaluation of the area being surveyed, allowing for interaction and refinement of recordings/photographs.

Our Drones can record in footage in up to 4K resolution for excellent clarity and increased editing options post flight.

Our experienced pilots operate drones / UAVs at safety critical construction projects. Attending construction/building sites at regular intervals is a valuable and cost effective management tool.


Drones can also be a valuable addition at weddings, anniversaries and other occasions where a digital record of the event can be recorded and kept for future reference.

Our Pilots can also provide home and garden photos/video, or house surveys for the domestic enthusiast or to assist in the sale of a property, land or large item.

Our range of Domestic services include:

- House surveys
- Land surveys
- Development
- Occasions
- Events

Other usages

Aerial surveillance of large areas is possible with low-cost UAS. Surveillance applications include livestock monitoring, wildfire mapping, pipeline security, home security, road patrol and antipiracy.

UAVs in commercial aerial surveillance (like the Applied Aeronautics Albatross UAV) is expanding with the advent of automated object detection


At Saracens, Our Engineers are fully trained, DroneSafe CAA certified and fully insured.

We use high quality state of the art UAV Drones with 4K Recording Functionality.

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