Closed-circuit television


At Saracens, Our engineers are fully qualified and insured, it is not necessary for us to visit your property for a ‘quote’, we can however assist you over the phone and or you can send us photos of your home so that we can advise accordingly. If you still require an engineer to come and visit your property then please do not hesitate to contact us to arrange.

All of our systems use infra-red (IR) night vision to record footage from areas which burglars view as easy targets during the night, such as alleyways, Yards or side passages are vulnerable, sophisticated burglars do their homework on which cameras to target and which to walk away from. We can never guarantee you will never be targeted, but what we can guarantee is, that we will use our knowledge and experience in ensuring your intruder knows your premises is one they should walk away from.

All of our systems come with Stand Alone DVR / NVR (Digital Video Recorders / Network Video Recorders), which can be placed discretely in your home and record continuously. You can never predict a crime so having the peace of mind that your cameras are recording 24 hours a day, day after day is vital.


HD CCTV utilises video cameras to monitor and record activity in any area of the business and provides 24/7 security coverage which is unparalleled. The data is sent directly from the video cameras to the recorder without any need for compression or compromise to the quality of images provided, so users receive the highest available image quality.

The presence of CCTV cameras on your premises acts as a deterrent to intruders or vandals, as they will be reluctant to have their images caught on camera.

If intruders do enter your business premises, the quality of images provided by HD CCTV is of a high enough grade to be classified as evidence by the police and courts of law.

You’re likely to qualify for insurance discounts after you’ve fitted HD CCTV cameras at your business. It’s well worth calling your insurance provider before fitting any camera surveillance system as available discounts could make a difference to the affordability of your new security system.


IP video surveillance devices use the same communication medium and protocol that most computer networks use, that being Cat5 cabling and the IP protocol, which is the same protocol as the ‘internet’ uses.

A video codec in the form of a bitstream is encapsulated into IP packets and sent down this medium to an NVR (Network Video Recorder) to record the video and to Users who wish to monitor this video stream.

An IP based surveillance system also allows for better centralized management of the entire CCTV network and the versatility to integrate access control and building management into one unified security solution.

Remote Viewing

At Saracens, we use the latest and most reliable technology to ensure all of our customers have the most up to date system's

Over the recent years the with the accessability of high speed internet becoming part of everyday life so has the ability your view your cameras when away from the property.

Whether it be a 4 camera system at your home or a large scale system at a warehouse, you have the power to keep a watchful eye on your premises 24 hours a day from smartphones, tablets & computers.

Combined with state-of-the-art digital recording, we can offer remote viewing for less than you may think, transforming the way you view your security measures.

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