Wireless Alarms

Intruder Alarm Systems, just like cars, should always be looked after and maintained to ensure they are fully functional throughout the year.

At Saracens, we offer an Alarm Maintenance & Repair service whether your intruder alarm was installed by us or not.

A faulty alarm can not only cause frustration but will often leave homeowners feeling vulnerable and at risk.

Our highly trained engineers are able to take over your alarm system and provide you with upgrades to make sure you don’t have any issues in future.


At Saracens, We understand that CCTV maintenance is essential to ensure your security system is working correctly. Without any regular maintenance checks, even the most expensive equipment will deteriorate. We start off with minor alterations that require cleaning and adjusting the cameras and their lenses to maintain optimum video quality.

Our highly qualified engineers can perform annual checks on your system to give you complete peace of mind that your chosen system is working at its best. Our engineers test and check your equipment to ensure all items meet current standards and are working as efficiently as possible, meaning that your system is less likely to develop large complications in the future.

Mantainance Report

Maintenance inspections are performed anywhere between 6 montth's - yearly, depending on specific security requirements.

Maintenance checklists and logbooks are tools used to instruct and document these inspections. A CCTV maintenance checklist generally captures the following:

- Visual and physical condition of the wiring and equipment.
- Any physical defects found.
- Assessment of focus areas and blind spots.
- Signature, date, and time of inspection to verify maintenance checks.

Security Audit

At Saracens, We offer a consultancy service to help advise our customers how to identify and address the key risks to their business operations.

Our team will conduct a rigorous risk-based analysis of your business and provide you with a matrix of key threats and suggested mitigation measures.

We will work in partnership with you throughout the process, and can provide assistance in implementing our recommendations if required.

  • Fast Callback and response

    We will respond to every fault, repair and inquiry within 24 hours.

  • Professional diagnose

    Our engineers are fully qualified and certified.